Laser Fun Day 2021!

Thank you for joining our live stream on April 17th, 2021! Our event has concluded. You can watch the recording of the event below and follow along with the materials and pamphlets included below. You can also see more demos in our "Demos" tab!


10am MT - Introduction 

Join us to kickoff Laser Fun Day at the Wyant College of Optical Sciences. We will introduce what optics is and then get right into the minds on, hands on activities :)

10:10am MT - Hollow Face

Hollow face is when you are looking at a convex image that looks concave. In other words, the image looks like it is pressed outward when it is actually pressed inward.  In this demo we will learn how to create our own hollow face illusion of a T-Rex whose eyes follow you. The only materials you will need are the printable in the link below!

10:30am MT - Zoetropes

Have you ever wondered how the TV turns flashing lights into a moving image?  Persistence of vision allows us to trick our brains into seeing a moving image when still images are played back to back at a rapid pace.  In this demo we will learn about persistence of vision and build Zoetropes which are toys that make moving images.

Pie tin or very sturdy paper plate
Dark cardstock or construction paper
Push Pin
Printable (link below)

11am MT - TIR Waterfall

Total Internal Reflection occurs when light is traveling through a material and reflects back into itself.  In this demo we will use total internal reflection to create a laser waterfall!

Laser pointer
Empty gallon container
Milk droplets
Clear baking pan
Water drain (sink, bathtub, etc.)

11:30am MT - Cow Eye Dissection

Even though we don’t think of it this way, our eyes are optical systems just like cameras that produce an image.  In this demo we will dissect a cow eye, which is very similar to a human eye, and look at the different optical components that allow us to see!

12pm MT Microwave Speed of Light

Believe it or not, when you are heating up your popcorn packet there are actually light waves bouncing back and forth across the inside of your microwave!  By using the known wavelength of a microwave we will be able to measure the speed of light by heating up a chocolate candy bar.

Large candy bar or fruit by the foot

12:30pm MT - 3D Glasses

Have you ever been to a 3D movie and wondered how the characters look like they are right in front of you?  In this demo we will learn how these movies work, and also create our own 3D glasses and 3D drawings.

Red and blue sharpies
Saran wrap
Printable (Link below)

1pm MT - Pinhole Camera

What is a pinhole Camera?  A pinhole Camera is a camera that forms an image using a small hole instead of a lens.  Everything has light coming off of it so by capturing that light we can form an image.  In this demo we will build a pinhole camera and learn how it works!

Empty Pringles can
Wax paper
Aluminum foil